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"It's nice to come in every day and know I can have a real impact on someone's life"
Jamila | Social Services

"It's challenging but so rewarding because of the relationships you gain"
Christie | Education and Care (Childcare)

"I love knowing that little things I can do, can actually be life-changing for others"
Tess | Aged Care

"Something I wasn't prepared for was how I would be inspired by my clients."
"You just get such better results when everyone works together."
Savannah | Disabliity

"When you’re having fun, the children are also having fun, you're modelling that behaviour"
Jayden | Education and Care

"It's very heartwarming in this sector - it's very rewarding."
"It's been the biggest surprise for me in this job, the fact you can have a massive impact on people.",
Jonathan | Social Services

“I was just thriving and loving the education… the support that I was given at that first job and the support I started giving.”
Maria | Disability

“My studies have given me a deeper understanding of the impact I can have.”
Ryan | Social Services

“The value of volunteering I think is for your own personal achievement”
Ron | Aged Care

“If a child comes in and they've got a smile on their face, you know they're really pleased to see you.”
Libby | Education and Care (Childcare)

A meaningful career contributes to a good life.

Consider a career in aged care, disability, education and care (childcare), or social services in Tasmania.

The four sectors of aged care, disability, education and care (childcare) and social services make up the community services industry. It is one of the fastest growing areas of employment in Tasmania.

The community services industry is experiencing significant growth and demand. If you, or someone you know, is curious about meaningful paid or volunteer work in these expanding sectors, now is the time to explore career opportunities. 

This website is here to help you understand what it’s like to work in any of these sectors and read the stories of people actively working in the industry. 

Are you looking for more purpose and keen to create a positive impact in your working life?


Our Information Guides and FREE postcard service enable you to learn more about working in the community services industry.  Download a suitable information guide, send a message to someone interested in aged care, education and care (childcare) or social services. 

Why not use our FREE postcard service to thank someone in community services for their positive impact.

Information Guides

There’s a lot of information out there and we know it can be a little overwhelming. 

That’s why we have created four information guides to assist you to find purposeful work that is a right fit for you. Each guide is specific to either aged care, disability, education and care (childcare) or social services, and includes career links and resources.  

To access the guides, please provide your name, email address, postcode and your area of interest. We will send your guide by email and then follow up with additional information and to better understand what you need. 

We will follow up by email no more than three times. If you need to opt out of our email series at any stage, click the unsubscribe button in the first email you receive.  

Tasmanian Stories of Working with Purpose

Learn why these Tasmanians chose their careers, what inspires them, and how their work creates a positive impact. We hope these stories encourage you to find your purpose by joining the community services industry

Are you ready to work with purpose? 

Aged care, disability, education and care (childcare), or
social services

Are you ready to work with purpose ?

A black and white photo shows three people walking along a path by a fenced pasture. In the foreground, a woman in a wheelchair looks out over the field, smiling. Behind her, she is pushed by another woman in glasses and accompanied by an older lady who walks by the fence, arms crossed to fend off a breeze.



Disability services cater for Tasmanians with all types of disabilities. 

This image shows a black and white photograph depicting a woman wearing glasses on the left, holding the hands of a young boy. The young boy looks curiously towards the camera, while the woman is smiling at him.

Education and Care (Childcare)

Education and care (childcare) is important work and skilled educators make a positive difference in Tasmanian children’s lives. 
A black and white photo depicts a woman with long hair in a black long-sleeve t-shirt. The t-shirt reads 'got naloxone?' in bold white font. The woman leans over a desk, arranging a series of items on her desk with care.

Social Services


The social services sector is committed to improving the wellbeing of people and families in Tasmania. 

This image shows two women sitting on a bed together, photographed in black and white. The woman on the left is older, and exudes warmth and happiness as she speaks to the women on the right. The woman on the right faces away from the camera, towards the older woman, listening to her. They hold hands on the bed.

Aged Care


Aged care services offer many roles, including those in residential care settings or in the community. 

Send a message with our free postcard service

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Say thank you to a colleague, friend or family member, making a positive impact in their career.

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