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Send a message with our free postcard service


Write to someone interested in purposeful work in the community services industry

Say thank you to a colleague, friend or family member who is making a positive impact in their work.

How to use the postcard service

Step 1. Email or post?

Decide if you would like to email a digital postcard or have a physical version sent by post. Your emailed postcard will be sent immediately while a physical postcard, sent on your behalf, will take a few days to be delivered.

Step 2. What to say?

Think about your message. Do you want to encourage someone you know to work in the community services industry? Do you want to say thank you to a colleague, friend or family member already creating an impact?

Step 3. Send!

Select from the image options and send your postcard. We hope that many postcards are sent and received so that more Tasmanians can discover the positive impact of working in the community services industry. Help us spread the word!

Choose from a range of images from our Tasmanian stories

Use the buttons below to send your postcard by email or post

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Let's Get Started

Here is where you will create your postcard.
Once you select your method of delivery, select an image and start typing your message. Add your recipients name, contact details and we'll do the rest!

How would you like to send your postcard?

Dear John Smith

This is the personalised message to John.

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John Smith
PO Box 313
Moonah 7009