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Aged care, disability, education and care (childcare) and social services

Are you ready to work with purpose?

There’s a lot of information out there and we know it can be a little overwhelming. 

To help, we have gathered  links and resources to create an information guide specific to your area of interest, whether it’s aged care, disability, education and care (childcare), or social services. You can view or download your guide directly, or we can send you your guide by email and follow up with additional information to better understand what you need. If you need to opt out of our email series, click the unsubscribe button in the first email you receive.

Click on the images below to view, save or download your guide. 

Interested in more than one guide? Contact us at hello@workwithpurpose.au

Information Guides – click to view, print or save:

Information Guides – via email:

Receive an Information Guide via email

To receive the information guide on the sector you are interested in, fill in your details in the form provided. We will send your selection and follow up to see how the guide has been useful.

We want to help you find the right information and support, tailored to your specific circumstances.  

We will send three emails in total to help guide your journey towards working with  purpose.

NOTE:  Interested in more than one guide? Email us at hello@workwithpurpose.au

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Aged Care

Aged Care offers a variety of roles that can bring purpose to your work. Whether it’s residential or community care, the sector can provide many entry points for all skill levels.

There are many jobs in aged care, all with different career paths. We have created an Information Guide providing links and resources in one convenient document.

Read Tess’ story and discover how through her work, she makes an impact on her community. 

Four children sit in a circle on the floor, listening in rapt attention as a woman with long hair and glasses reads the book 'Possum Magic' and shows them the pictures.

Education and Care (Childcare)

Education and care (childcare) offers many roles that provide work with purpose. In the education and care sector, everyone has an important role to play in making a positive difference in children’s lives.

You can also earn while you learn through a traineeship or study independently and build your career to lead others. You can explore more about working in the sector and finding a job in the Information Guide.

Read Christies’ story and her pathway from student to Quality and Engagement Manager.

A black and white photo depicts two people in a library. The person on the left has short, cropped hair and is holding a large book open for the other person to see, pointing at a photo on the page.


A role in disability is a role with purpose. Your work can enrich people’s lives in the community or in their own home. 

There are a variety of jobs in disability with lots of opportunity for career development. You could support someone in their daily life, be leading a team or work as an allied health professional. 

To start on your journey towards a good working life, first read Brady’s story as a support worker and then explore the Information Guides with links and resources developed specifically for this sector. 

A woman with long hair and a black shirt reading 'got naloxone?' stands on the far side of a desk, holding a large paper bag while chatting to a woman across from her.

Social Services

Social services offers many roles that can bring purpose to your work. 

Providing access to social support, increasing the wellbeing of others or embracing leadership to create change are just a few of ways you can make an impact through this work.

Our Information Guide provides the links and resources you need for a career in this sector. 

Read Jamila’s story and be inspired by her sense of social justice.